Journal of Cellular Neuroscience and Oxidative Stress, Vol 1, No 3 (2009)

The Potential Effects of Electromagnetic Field: A Review

Kurtulus Ongel, Nurhan Gumral, Fehmi Ozguner


Studies about the potential effects of electromagnetic field on human body are increasing day by day. In this
study; new investigations on this field were tried to be explained by the help of literature. An exclusive search
was conducted in medical databases and these findings were compared with literatures in the world. It is
shown, in many studies around the world, that electromagnetic waves as well as the electromagnetic field that
is given out by some of the equipment we use, create negative effects on biological systems of humans. Moreover;
it had concluded that there are roles of molecular pathways such as oxidative stress on electromagnetic
field induced diseases. These effects are the short term effects and long term effects. Decreasing of the area
of vision, heavy stress and feeling of tiredness, loosing of concentration and attention, voices in the ears and
warming of ears, reversible hearing problems, headache and such can be seen as the short term effects. The
long term effects that are commonly encountered are; irreversible hearing problems, damaging of the embryonic
development, increasing risk of miscarriage, decrease in the number of sperms, damaging of the brain
tissue, heart related problems, weakening of the memory, lymphoma, and damaging of the genetic structure.
We cannot stop using electricity. Electromagnetic field related health problems could take many years to present
symptoms. Hence, public sensitivity to these issues is a necessity. Preventative measures should be high
priority and risks should be minimized.

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