Journal of Cellular Neuroscience and Oxidative Stress, Vol 2, No 2 (2010)

Acamprosate Modulates Alcohol-Induced Oxidative Stress In Alcoholic Patients

Mustafa NAZIROĞLU, İbrahim Eren, Ömer Çelik, Ali Mete Çalışkan


Some authors have suggested possible loss of antioxidant levels in alcoholic subjects. Acamprosate may have
modulator effect on antioxidant levels in the alcoholic subject due to its effects on Ca regulation. We inves-
tigated effects of acamprosate on serum lipid peroxidation and antioxidant vitamin concentrations in alcoholic
Twelve male health control and twelve alcoholic patients were used in the study. After taken blood samples the
patients received orally acamprosate for 3 weeks and blood samples were taken the patients again.
Lipid peroxidation (LP) levels were higher in the alcohol group than in control although vitamin A, vitamin E
and b-carotene values were lower in the alcohol group than in control. LP levels were decreased in treatment
group compared with the alcohol group. Vitamin A and b-carotene in the treatment group were increased
compared with the alcohol group. Serum vitamin C concentrations were not found to be statistically different
in any of the groups.
Oxidative stress has been proposed to explain the biological side effects of alcohol intake. Acamprosate
modulated alcohol-induced oxidative stress and antioxidant vitamin levels in the alcoholic patients.

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