SDÜ Tıp Fakültesi Dergisi, Cilt 17, Sayı 3 (2010)

Stenting of occluded short segment of proximal right common iliac artery

Nuri İlker Akkuş


Dear Editor,
A 45-year-old white female presented with claudication symptoms in right leg. Peripheral angiogram by accessing left femoral artery revealed total occlusion of the ostial right common iliac artery (Figure 1). Another sheath inserted right femoral artery and a stiff glidewire advanced and crossed the chronic total occlusion. A 5mm x 2 cm balloon was advanced and inflated. Post inflation there was about 40% residual stenosis with establishment of flow. A 7 x 27 mm Express stent was advanced and deployed at the lesion site. Post inflation there was good opposition of the stent with no residual stenosis at the stented segment (Figure 2). Patient had no symptoms after the procedure. Successful results can be obtained by stenting of chronic total occlusions of iliac arteries with restenosis rate less than 10 % (1).

Key words: Peripreral artery disease, total occlusion, stent implantation

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