SDÜ Tıp Fakültesi Dergisi, Cilt 4, Sayı 4 (1997)

Abnormal Cerebral Dominance in Chronic Schızophrenia

Aytekin Sır, Mustafa Özkan, Ahmet Ağaoğlu, Ramazan Özcankaya


SüleymanDemirel Üniversitesi

Abnormal Cerebral Dominance in Chronic Schızophrenia

Aytekin Sır Mustafa Özkan Ahmet Ataoğlu Ramazan Özcankaya


The purpose of this study is to determine hovv the hand preference is affected in chronic schizophrenia, and getting Information about cerebral organization. For this reason, 61 male and 12 female right handedfin selfreports) chronic schizophrenic cases have been studied.

Annet's peg moving task was performed to the subjects to determine the hand preference. Subjects \vere divided into three grottps as right handed (RH), left handed (LH) and mixed handed (MH) according to the task results. Hand preferences of the patients vvere 30(41.1%) RH, 9(12.3%) LH, 34(46.6%) MH

Stat ist ically, (here was signifıcant difference in hand preferences between sexes(p= 0.0245). it is concluded that shift to left trend is only related \vith males.

The difference between right and left handed groups in the duration of disease was statistically meaningful(p=0.0213). The left hemispheric functions regressed relative to the right hemispheric funcüons. it was observed that shift to left trend increased and it is thought that various organic palhologies determined in the left hemispheres of the patients progressed during the disease.

Keywords: chronic schizophrenia, handedness, cerebral lateralization

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