SDÜ Vizyoner Dergisi, Cilt 2, Sayı 1 (2010)


idris demir, idris demir


States are regarded to be the main and dominant actors in international relations. The primary goal and objective of states are regarded to be maximizing their interests and minimizing their costs. In this case, there is the likelihood of the clash of interests of the states. This would inevitably result in a dispute between / among states. There are several ways of settling disputes and solving problems. One of the most consulted mechanisms in the past has been resorting to war between / among parties to the dispute. However, it is the peaceful settlement of disputes which is fore grounded and advised to the parties based on the bad consequences of war and the enhancement of international institutions to deal with conflicts among states. This paper, in this context, will focus on the settlement of disputes through peaceful ways which is encouraged and enhanced by international institutions such as the United Nations

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